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What do you do when death follows you?

Kenya is a story of struggle and strength of a trans woman who, faced with the murder of her sex worker partner, decides to face the world of darkness and violence that besets them.

Queer Porto

“Taking into account the objectives of the festival to understand the reality of queer people and communities, Kenya, in addition to meeting the objectives, is a social mirror of the condition of Mexican sex workers who have the street as a place of existence , but also resistance. Kenya carefully addresses the lives of trans women. It is a worthy, sensitive and pedagogical film capable of mobilizing us for transformation.””.


This movie was going to be aroad trip, a journey to meet the past of Paola Buenrostro murdered in Mexico City on September 30, 2016. Kenya, Tanya, Sergio and I, the Director of this film, approached "Paloma",  an old white car that was supposed to take us from Mexico City to the south of the country to meet Paola's family. That was the plan until during the march, a noise that came from the chest forced us to pull over to the road near Cosamaloapan, Veracruz. The next morning, the mechanic who gave first aid to the "Paloma" announced: his car has lost its way. At that moment I saw the end of a movie that hadn't even started. 

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